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The Project Runway gang in Times Square (please watch until the end, there’s a very funny Michael Kors moment)

Can’t get enough of Project Runway.

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tarcanusfrostbourne replied to your post: Don’t you have guy friends though?

I am a guy. I am her friend. She is an amazing person. After everything she just explained to you all, I would hope that you would empathize and respect her wishes, regardless of whether you completely understand it all or not.

 She is an amazing person and she explained in very clear terms the process that she needs to go through before she can fully allow a male person into her life. She also asked for everyone’s understanding and respect for this boundary that she has drawn. She deserves our support and understanding, particularly in light of the generosity of spirit that she has shown by offering her help to those who have asked.

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No excuses. Just be kind.

No excuses. Just be kind.

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All I’ve ever wanted for myself and those I love is happiness. Happiness usually comes when following one’s heart’s desire. A heart’s desire is chosen not forced. It cannot be found by substituting others expectations for my own. I can only find happiness when I am being true to myself. When I compromise my beliefs or values, I jeopardize my happiness. Happiness cannot be derived through selfish desires. Self sacrifice when done from a a place of love and service leads to just as much happiness as pursuit of one’s goal. The good news is I don’t have to choose one or the other. Self sacrifice and pursuit of one’s heart desire can be done simultaneously.